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Public Works paintingPublic Works performs administrative, technical and operational activities in support of the City’s infrastructure and related services in the following areas; Transportation, Waste Water, Storm Drainage, Water, Engineering, Solid Waste, Fleet, Building Facilities and Capital Improvements. The Department strives to protect the City’s investment in its infrastructure and public facilities, plans for future improvements to address changing needs, and ensure the health and safety of the community in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

High Priority: No

Requires Update: No

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  • Energy Service Options

    The City Council has been interested in evaluating opportunities that can facilitate implementation of its long term Climate Action and Adaptation Plan goals and objectives. In June 2012 the Natural … more

    High Priority: Yes

    Requires Update: No

  • Water and Sewer Line Responsibility

    Tags: water, sewer

    City of Davis property owners are responsible for the water and sewer service lines that run through their property from the street to the house. Although water and sewer service line alignments may … more

    High Priority: No

  • Street Light Repair List

    The City of Davis tracks street lights that are not working and relies on community input to identify any light outages. To report a light that is not working, a citizen can notify the City via our … more

    High Priority: No

  • Washer Rebate Program

    City of Davis 2013-14 Energy Star Most Efficient Washing Machine Rebate Program


    PG&E; and

    Bay Area water utilities (including City of Davis);

    Program Goal:  To reduce … more

    High Priority: No

  • Residential Toilet Rebate Program

    Tags: Rebate

    The City’s residential toilet rebate has concluded. Thank you for your participation. You might also be interested in the Washing Machine Rebate … more

    High Priority: No