Energy Service Options

The City Council has been interested in evaluating opportunities that can facilitate implementation of its long term Climate Action and Adaptation Plan goals and objectives. In June 2012 the Natural Resources Commission recommended that the Council further evaluate its energy resources and find ways to gain more local control over electric service options and its energy portfolio allocations and decision-making authorities. The three driving factors for evaluating the City’s energy options were:

  1. Local control over the community’s energy future;
  2. Lower cost of electric service vs. remaining with PG&E; and
  3. Achieve environment objectives through direct influence and management of the community’s energy portfolio.

Since July 2012, the City Council has authorized step-by-step a process to evaluate the energy services options available to the residents of Davis. Those energy services options under consideration included:

  1. Status Quo: rely on PG&E for current future energy service;
  2. Community Choice Aggregation (“CCA”) Program: purchase energy, including green energy, through local/regional approach for sale to city customers, with PG&E still owning and operating the distribution system; and
  3. Publicly Owned Utility (“POU”): the creation of a city owned and operated electric utility that would purchase energy for sale to city customers and operate the distribution system within the City.

On December 10, 2013 the City Council approved Resolution No. 13-169 authorizing the City Manager and the City Attorney to initiate actions necessary to provide municipal electrical utility service to Davis residents.

On April 22, 2014, the City Council of the City of Davis rejected a resolution to explicate Resolution 13-169 and the City Manager and City Attorney are not authorized to continue to pursue actions necessary to provide City Council sufficient information to allow for a decision regarding the possible formation of a municipally owned utility within the City of Davis.


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