Share Your Feedback for LED Streetlight and Park Lighting Options

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City Requests Community Feedback for LED Streetlight and Greenbelt/Park Lighting Options

In recent months the City has installed LED streetlights in most areas of Davis. The new lights save money and energy and last more than three times longer than the old street lights. The new brighter lights have generated both concerns and support from community members. In response, the City has been working with Siemens and the UC Davis California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC), to identify feasible solutions that address citizen concerns while maintaining safety and as much of the cost/energy savings as possible. Based on this work, the City has selected a range of LED lighting options to compare and test against the LED streetlights that have already been installed on residential streets.

The City is reaching out to residents for feedback on both the LED streetlights that have been installed and several possible alternative LED lights.

Last week the City installed five of these test lights on Oyster Bay Drive in West Davis. The five test lights are located near each other and several of the existing LED streetlights to allow residents to easily compare lighting levels. The light posts are labeled with a number that corresponds to a simple online survey that the City will use to collect feedback. Residents are invited to visit the test location and then the survey link to provide feedback on the test lights.

The City welcomes feedback at any time but will collect community input on the test lights from August 13 to August 24. This information will be used by the City Council when it considers which LED light to use on residential neighborhood streets. Other key factors the City Council will consider in making its decision will be cost, ease of maintenance, and energy use.

In addition, the City is testing several LED lights in parks and greenbelts in North Davis. These two test lights are located in the greenbelt at the end of Elk Place, next to other LED greenbelt lights that were part of a pilot program run by the City several years ago.

The two new greenbelt test lights are located on posts numbered N35 and N36. Residents can provide feedback on the park and greenbelt test lights on the same survey. Again, the City will use this feedback to inform decisions about which LED lights to use in the City’s parks and greenbelts.

The City hopes residents will have the opportunity to visit the test light locations and help shape this Community decision. For best viewing, plan to visit after 8:45 p.m.

For more innformation, a map, and link to the survey, please visit

Feedback can also be provided via e-mail at or in writing – please remember to rank which light fixture(s) you favor using the numbers found on the light pole.

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